July 1996

NUJ connects with ALCS for cyber-rights

THE NUJ has now formally cemented a relationship with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society to develop means of collecting small payments for members. This will start with the ALCS' existing expertise in areas like collecting international photocopying payments, and grow to embrace the new media.

The Chairman of ALCS, Chris Barlas, said the new relationship between ALCS and NUJ was "a most welcome development for both organisations. As the newspaper and magazine industry moves into the digital future," he said, "separate payments for the downstream use of their work is going to be increasingly important to freelance journalists. In particular, they will need some kind of centralised collecting system to handle such payments.

"Now that all NUJ freelance members are to be accepted as associate members of ALCS, the Society, which has been collecting secondary usage fees on behalf of literary and dramatic authors for almost twenty years, will start to develop its computer systems to faciliate the collection of journalists' secondary usage fees."

It is also anticipated that ALCS will join discussions with organisations like the Newspaper Licensing Agency to make sure that the interests of freelance journalists are preserved in the age of electronic publishing.

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