September 1996

Guardian pulls tight the purse-strings

A MEMBER TELLS us that the Guardian is trying to cut the minimum rate for commissioned pictures which are re-used from the library from £44 to £22 per shot.

Among other things, this makes it important to get documentation that your future pictures were commissioned individually, rather than as work-for-hire. And, according to the member, the paper's rate sheet says that if you do a day and the space rate is higher than the day rate you get the space rate.

But the member has had six pictures re-used for £110 where the space rate would have been £300-odd.

Moreover, the Glasgow Herald is reported to be trying to cut new contributors' rates. And reports of keen-and-fresh-out-of-Media-Studies types being offered derisory rates for subbing shifts are rife.

Please do show the Rate for the Job column to all relevant new entrants you come across, encourage staff colleagues to do the same... and get a stock of NUJ membership (and temporary membership) application forms from Acorn House. If you know a better way to stop managements driving rates down, don't keep it to yourself!.

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