September 1996

Full Metal Hack(ette)s Just Say No to Men in Suits

CHANTING the copyright holder's chorus of "Just say no!", hard-rocking freelance writers and photographers at Metal Hammer magazine have repelled one of the latest "all rights" snatch attempts.

About three months ago, the taut-trousered publication attempted the "Of course we own your work for ever for nothing in all media" ploy. Some ill-informed souls did sign up to that. "The ones who do it for a living" know what's what, and they shook their heads.

As freelances have so often found over the last 18 months, a simple refusal to surrender can bring about considerable progress. In this case, the pros accepted contracts allowing further free use of their work only in Spanish and American versions of Metal Hammer, and then only for the next six months.

At that point, if those newish editions are up and running, having expressed inaugural good will in full, the freelances will negotiate supplementary fees for the extra usages.

Phil Sutcliffe

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