September 1996

Victory to Janes' Fighting Hacks

JANE'S INFORMATION Group has coughed up thousands of pounds for e-rights violations.

Last year, Jane's told writers that it had been re-using their articles over the past six years online and in special CD-ROMs and, by the way, please sign here to give us retroactive and future rights plus your copyright for free, and, oh yes, before we forget, copyright and all rights to everything you write for us in the future.

At least eight contributors, mostly in the US, Just Said No. And they sent electronic mail to all the colleagues they could think of, consulted with ASJA and passed transatlantic offers and counter-offers.

The outcome: one-time payments, reportedly ranging from $1000 to $9000 -- roughly 20 percent of the original fees for the works.

Said one of the group: "The key is to remain networked and be prepared to man the barricades. Jane's finally saw the light on past transgressions. We hope they'll come to see that now they need a contract that spells out separate payment for re-uses of our work."

Dan Carlinsky, New York

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