Nov 1996

If you Mac it, mark it!

The Annual Delegate Meeting decided to launch a campaign to ensure that every time a digitally-manipulated photo is used in a newspaper or magazine, a little symbol must appear within the picture. The union will start by using such symbols in its own publications.

We will do our best to open up the debate about precisely what symbol should be used and when in the Journalist. If anything, this issue concerns full-timers more than freelances.

In the meantime, though, London Freelance Branch will produce slide-mount size stickers with the "opposite" symbols for members to use on their photos, stating that they're genuine and must not be manipulated.

[The sticker]

We aim to print these within two weeks. If you have a point about the design shown enlarged below, get in touch now.

The left-hand symbol is being promoted in a parallel campaign in the US. Unfortunately, in Europe it means "OK to tumble-dry". The "eye" symbol is the editor's interim suggestion for an alternative: the matching "manipulated image" symbol appears above. If you have Web access, get the symbols from http://www.gn.apc.org/media/manipsym.html and start using them now.

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