Anne Bolt

THE FREELANCE records with great sadness the death on 9 December of Anne Bolt, aged 84. Anne was an excellent photographer, as those who saw the exhibition of her work at the Union's HQ a year ago will know.

She was a stalwart member of London Freelance Branch, and was at different times Chair of both the Branch and of the Freelance Industrial Council. She continued as a Branch rep on FIC into her 80s, bringing the group down to earth with her keen grasp of the absurdity of so many intra-union disputes.

Anne Bolt worked hard throughout the 1980s to secure for photographers full ownership in their work. All photographers who benefit from Section 4(1)a of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 have reason to be grateful for her life and work.

Members are discussing ideas for a memorial to Anne - suggestions to the Freelance please.

Jan/Feb 1997

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