<IRONY>IPC discovers irony</IRONY>

IPC MAGAZINES have written to some contributors offering to "clarify the situation over copyright".

The good-ish news, in principle, is that at least one title now offers freelances writing by the day up to 48 per cent more for all rights than for first use only. So the principle of extra payment is accepted. Of, course, there's a "but". . .

For this mag, the rates for all rights in half a day, one day and two days' work are declared to be £110, £200 and £310 respectively. For First Use: £75, £135 and £210.

But look at that mag's standard payments for First Use in 1992: £95, £175 and £275 respectively. So the new deal represents a pay cut of up to 24 per cent over five years.

In 1995 IPC declared profits of £373 million. Odd, that.

Mar/Apr 1997

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