James O'Halloran

A YOUNG beneficiary of the NUJ Provident Fund, son of a former LFB branch chair, has died in a horrific house fire.

James O'Halloran was only 22 when he and a friend choked to death on fumes in a blaze in a Pimlico flat. He had just graduated from university and was about to take up a civil service job.

It was a grim repeat tragedy for the family: James's father, Terry O'Halloran, was LFB branch chair when he died suddenly from a heart attack in the street in January 1989. He was only 36.

The family had little money and the Provident Fund helped sustain James as he went through his education.

Terry O'Halloran had been a popular figure in the branch. He was a radical socialist journalist who specialised in writing about conditions in prison.

His memory lives on in the Terry O'Halloran Memorial Fund, a voluntary group that sends books to prisoners. For information on this, contact Journalist editor Tim Gopsill, a committee member.

Members might also remember the NUJ's charities if they have cash to spare.

It could be anyone's family that needs help.

Tim Gopsill

Mar/Apr 1997

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