Anne Bolt -- celebrating a life

TEN FORMER chairmen and women of London Freelance Branch, spanning four decades, attended the Anne Bolt party last month. Held in the gallery of the Association of Photographers, its purpose was to celebrate the life of Anne, who died in December. Anne, Chairwoman of LFB and of Freelance Industrial Council and who served as a member of the NEC for six years, would have been delighted by the turnout.

Paddy Goldring, who officiated in the 60s, was joined by successors Dennis Bardens, Nan Berger, Terence Kelly, myself, Phil Kelly, Philip Kleinman, Phil Sutcliffe, Bernie Corbett and Tim Gopsill, along with current Chair, Ros Bayley. Maureen Duffy from the British Copyright Council, Janet Ibbotson of Design and Artists Copyright Society and Christine Fagg of the British Guild of Travel Writers came together with past and present members of FIC , as well as, fittingly, a large number of photographer members of LFB. Paddy Goldring delivered a message from Maurice Yates, Anne's widower, unable to attend through ill health.

It was a splendid occasion, thanks to Jake Ecclestone and, in particular, Pamela Morton and Don Mackglew (without whom there would have been no food and drink). It was, as a number of people commented, just the sort of party that Anne herself would have loved.

BY Hilary Macaskill

May/Jun 1997
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