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DO YOU WANT to learn how to cope with the myriad-and-one things that go to make up freelance life? Things that range from finding work to sorting out itax, from dealing with recalcitrant clients to using the information the union has amassed?

Then come on this re-run of the very successful one-day course on freelancing, set for Saturday, May 17. It costs £25 for NUJ members, full or temporary. For more information and details of how to book, contact the course organiser on 0171-281 1442.

And... as a contribution to the work of the George Viner Fund, in training black journalists, LFB will be making three free places available to black NUJ members. These will go to the first three eligible people to book.

. . .and get started on the Net

The popular "getting started with electronic mail" course by Mike Holderness will be held on April 19 and May 3.

A maximum of seven participants means that individual questions get answered, but that it costs £50 for the day. To book, call Jana Valencic on 0171-580 7514, leaving your snail-mail address.

May/Jun 1997

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