Anne Bolt memorial award

AN AWARD for young photographers is to be set up in memory of Anne Bolt, photographer, former chairwoman of London Freelance Branch and member of Freelance Industrial Council and the National Executive Committee.

Anne, who died last December after working into her 80s, was always accessible for advice and help, providing particular encouragement to young trade unionists. She played a key rôle in getting photographers' ownership of their work recognised in UK law.

Freelance Industrial Council has pledged £1,500, and the Journalists' Copyright Fund another £2,500, for the award. London Freelance Branch will be asked at the September meeting to make a donation.

The award, which we intend to run for three years from 1998, will reflect some of Anne's particular interests. It will be open to photographers under the age of 25. One important function will be raise awareness of copyright issues -- in recognition of Anne's close concern and important contribution.

We hope to launch the award on Anne's birthday -- 21 November. Details will be published in the autumn. If you or your Branch wish to contribute, please send donations made out to "NUJ Appeals Fund (Anne Bolt Award)", care of Pamela Morton in the Freelance Office.

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Sep/Oct 1997

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