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PHOTO-MANIPULATION has been in the news. The Mirror on July 17 had "the picture that Charles is too GUTLESS to show the world". If poor Chas had shown the world a picture that didn't yet exist, they'd probably have accused Camilla of witchcraft... And then they brought Di'n'Dodi closer together, in that special way that only Photoshop knows. We've had a mea culpa from Eammon McCabe, picture editor at the Guardian and scrupulous about labelling montages (in tiny type, when he's actually in the office).

And a couple of months ago the eminent anti-war photographer Philip Jones Griffiths reached a "very satisfactory" settlement with agency Saatchi, which had faked up one of his pictures for use in an army recruitment advert. He had, obviously, claimed for defamation. Saatchi also settled a claim for "derogatory treatment" of a photo by Bruno Barbey, which they used in the fake.

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Enough. London Freelance Branch will shortly print stickers for members to use on their prints: see the draft above. We will produce a tiny version to fit on a slide-mount. If you have comments on this, please call or email the Freelance pronto.

Sep/Oct 1997

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NOTE that this was in press at the time that Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed and a bodyguard were killed. For 10 points in your Web-journalism ethics exam: should this version have been changed?

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