ADM timetable and nominations

THIS YEAR'S NUJ Annual Delegate Meeting is in Eastbourne, starting on 18 March 1999. The timetable is as follows; dates of relevant Branch meetings are in bold. The November London Freelance Branch meeting needs to decide on the following nominations and motions. Those which are passed will be presented by the Branch to ADM. Where possible, please give your nominations and amendments to the Secretary in writing at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Close of motions and election nominations Nov 16 Nov 9
  • Preliminary Agenda Dec 7 Dec 14
  • Close of amendments Jan 18 Jan 11
  • Deadline for Delegate registration Jan 18 Jan 11
  • Final Agenda Feb 2 Feb 8

Nominations: Bodies elected at ADM

  • Appeals Tribunal (9)
  • Disabled Members' Cl. (7)
  • Equality Council (7)
  • Provident Fund/MiN (4)
  • Journalist Advisory Board (7)
  • Standing Orders Committee (5)
  • TUC Delegation (3)
  • Women's TUC (5)

Nominations: Bodies elected by members

  • NEC (no limit to nominations but candidates must work in that sector)
  • Black Members Council
  • Freelance Industrial Council

PLEASE NOTE: All nominees must sign the form. If you are nominated and elected please do not leave the meeting without signing. The Secretary has the forms. If you nominate someone not present please note that you must take the responsibility of informing the nominee and getting them to send a signed confirmation that they accept the nomination to the Secretary before Sunday 15 November. The Secretary cannot guarantee to be able to chase nominees.

Nov/Dec 1998
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