Good things come...

...to those who ask

MORE individual members are starting to secure extra payment for website use of their material.

  • When asked -- so ask! -- Men's Health agreed to pay an extra 10 per cent on the £400 per thousand words fee, for licence to republish on the Web version of the mag.
  • When asked -- so ask! -- Maxim, Dennis Publications lads' mag, dropped their all-rights claim on a regular writer's work, agreed that all they needed was the right to use the material on their website. When the writer said he would give permission (a licence) in exchange for 10 per cent extra on his fee, after a long think they agreed -- and offered 12.5 per cent!

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, another NUJ freelance secured an extra 50 per cent on his £400 per thou for a licenseto use the stuff on the Web.

Confidentiality in regard to the publication's name was, though, part of that deal.

All right? Stay bright..

Nov/Dec 1998
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