A share in £300k could already be yours...

AND THERE'S no catch. Honest. If your photographs or illustrations were used on any of the four terrestrial TV channels before 1996, you could be in line for a share in £300,000 being held by DACS, the Design and Artists Copyright Society. To find out, you just have to fill in a form.

DACS collects payment for "secondary uses" of visual works -- for example when a TV programme is re-distributed by cable or satellite, or syndicated abroad. DACS is controlled by visual artists, and registration is free to NUJ members who are photographers and illustrators -- as registration with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society ALCS is free to members who are writers.

In order to distribute the money which it already holds, DACS needs people to register with details of their work and where and when it was broadcast. "This is the first of what will be annual distributions of these collective monies," says Mary Hildyard of DACS. "Once visual artists have registered with us, we can administer yearly payments of any monies due."

DACS is also currently pursuing money due for reprographic rights -- as when a commercial or educational organisation photocopies a photo or artwork. Future distributions are thus likely to be larger than this year's.

To get a claim form, write to Distribution 99 at Head Office, enclosing an A4 stamped self-addressed envelope.

Jan/Feb 1998
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