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THE GREAT freelance subs' assault on tax at source has been taken to the very heart of the beast, namely News International at Wapping. A particularly determined sub doing frequent Saturday double shifts for the News of the World pressed their case with the accounts department and won exemption, apparently without even being referred to the Inland Revenue for adjudication.

Result: circa £300 in hand and travel and meals tax-deductible as a self-employed person (what was Schedule D, now called Schedule 3 under Self-Assessment). Before, the sub got about £204 in hand after tax and National Insurance and nothing was deductible as an employee (the former Schedule E).

These little earthquakes, as Tori Amos calls them -- though some think she was referring to orgasms -- are being achieved all the time by freelances using the NUJ advice leaflet on tax. Alongside this they use a "draft letter" of cogent arguments, to be adapted to your circumstances and mailed either to your tax office or the client's. These are available from the freelance office.

Jan/Feb 1999
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