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THE NUJ has negotiated a money-off deal to put freelances on an equal footing with staff journalists when gaining access to a new electronic system for checking details available on electoral registers.

The Cameo website can be used to trace anybody who is registered as a voter anywhere in the UK. Many national and regional newspaper groups, magazine publishers and broadcasters have subscribed to it for the use of their staff journalists. The snag is that their registrations cost a minimum of £1000 -- way beyond the means of all but the wealthiest freelance NUJ member.

The NUJ Freelance Industrial Council has made an agreement with the operators of the Cameo system to give NUJ freelance members access for £99 a year. The subscription covers up to 1500 individual searches -- ample for most freelances. The concessionary price is available only to NUJ freelance members.

The Cameo web site has information on all 46 million adults on the UK electoral roll. By typing any combination of name, town or postcode you can search for individuals and confirm all the adults registered at that address. By the same means you can find information covering neighbouring addresses.

The system includes a "partial search" in case name details are incomplete -- and a "fuzzy search" in case you are unsure of the spelling of a name -- you just type in your best guess and Cameo tries all similar-sounding names.

For a free trial please visit Cameo's Web site, which is at Fill in the "contact us" details and you will be sent an email with more information.

If you like what you see, you will be able to register as an NUJ freelance user. To do so you will need your NUJ membership number. Please note that Cameo will have access to your name and NUJ number (no other information) in order to verify your status as a bona fide NUJ freelance journalist.

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