Words at war

THE Freelance has little more chance than any other of Her Majesty's subjects of discovering what's going on in and about Kosovo that isn't being reported. When NATO threatened to bomb Serb TV transmitters unless they carried six hours of CNN a day, we were reduced to "fuck, it's all gone postmodern!"

We do know, though, of some things which are reported, but just barely:

  • Quite how pissed off the Russian, Chinese, and Indian governments -- and presumably their armed forces -- are with NATO;
  • The Fischer Stability Pact. Yes, there is a long-term plan, though the immediate next step is a problem;
  • The Committee for Peace in the Balkans protest outside Broadcasting House at 2pm on Saturday April 24;
  • The formation of Journalists Against the War. Call Tim Gopsill on 0171-843 3701 for contact details.

In the meantime, if more journalists could resist the temptation to look only at questions with Yes/No answers, we'd all get a lot more information.

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