Half man, half hoarse

PHOTOGRAPHERS: beware a contract from Centaur Communications Ltd. It takes copyright and moral rights - and gets you to sign up for being taxed at source as well.

The moral rights waiver is especially stern: "The contributor irrevocably and unconditionally waives all moral rights in the images to which he may be entitled under Chapter IV of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and any other similar law in force from time to time during the term of copyright in any part of the world."

After stating that the contributor will be responsible for income tax and National Insurance, the tax clause then goes on to state: "if so required by the Inland Revenue Centaur will deduct tax and National Insurance contributions in respect of the Fee under the PAYE system."

Phonecalls to the office point out that Centaur has taken over a number of titles including The Engineer and that, for obvious reasons, contributors don't want to sign up to the contract. As well as all the above, it offers no return at all for syndication or further uses of work. Neither does it distinguish between photographs which are commissioned by the magazine and those which are offered on spec or which come from the photographer's own library.

Do contact the freelance office if you've received one of these contracts, or call me on 0171-359 0651.

Jul/Aug 1999
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