Amway, East West and everywhere...

WE HEAR that Amway, that marketing organisation which bears no resemblance whatsoever to a pyramid, is launching magazines in the UK, Poland and Italy. Given the way they work, we can expect spin-offs and further editions. And, guess what? Yup. The folk in Grand Rapids - also home, incidentally, to what a roadsign calls the Gerald R Ford National Shrine - want all rights. Give them a helping hand into the publication business by explaining carefully that we sell licenses - one for the UK edition, one for Poland and so on. Does £250 per thou for the UK license and £100 for each translation license sound reasonable?

Always, everywhere, beware of Suits bearing contracts - as many a doleful musicians may tell you. East West Records, for instance, is demanding assignment of all rights from photographers - except the famous ones. Why? They use the pix for record covers. (Or whatever those little plastic boxes are called these days. I'll get me Dansette.) For years they've been quite happy to license them for this and for promotional use, which includes the t-shirts and the posters and prints for the press. It's rumoured they're planning to sell photos back to the bands!

And, according to the British Journal of Photography, Liam Bailey managed single-handed to get the Glastonbury Festival to re-write its photography contract. "Originally the contract gave the organisers all kinds of open-ended rights over the photographers' images," he told BJP. "It meant that they could have demanded use of photographer's pictures for anything, including posters."

Jul/Aug 1999
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