Virtual LFB needs a body

LONDON Freelance Branch is looking for someone to wire the branch. The aim is for us to be able to communicate directly with members about union matters and to build up information about the work people do and the companies they work for.

This will allow us to inform people, for instance where there are attempts to steal copyright, or where a company has stopped paying its bills. It will also facilitate the creation and maintenance of freelance networks, crucial for fighting copyright grabs, or campaigning on other issues.

We anticipate the job will be about two days a month, initially for six months, on a freelance basis. The main task will be acquiring and inputting addresses and information about the work people do as well as developing the project with the steering group. It will be desirable for the person to come to branch meetings which are held on the second Monday of each month. Depending on who is appointed, the job may be done from home or from office space that we will acquire. If necessary, suitable computer equipment will be bought.

We hope to get the project up and running in September. Please send us a letter, explaining why you are the right person, by August 13. We aim to interview people initially in the week beginning 9 August but will be flexible if holidays are a problem. Please contact ros.bayley@torriano.demon.co.uk (no attachments please).

Jul/Aug 1999
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