Notice this!

IF ANYONE receives a contract for a project of any kind, make sure that a notice period is inserted into the wording... you know, the boring bit about how it can be terminated by Recorded Delivery letter not less than one calendar month before the proposed date of termination by either heretoforementioned party... Wake up! If this bit's missing, you may not get any money.

The freelance office recently had a case in which a member had a contract giving a brief and a schedule of dates for the work. Then, four weeks before the end of the schedule, the company decided to move the work "in house" at a moment's notice, without any warning to the freelance. The freelance lost four weeks' subbing work - and had also turned turned down other work before the work was put back in house. The District Judge ruled that morally he should have received compensation, but the contract gave no notice period and the client was therefore not liable to pay him anything.

Sep/Oct 1999
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