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THE NUJ is going to make sure that it can communicate with every member who has email - and that could revolutionise the way it works. Even if only half the staff and two-thirds of the freelances in the Moloch Media Corporation have email, they can talk to the others, and we may be able to organise in hours what used to take weeks.

A meeting between members of London Freelance Branch, the General Secretary and Acorn House staff on 25 August agreed that the first step would be a concerted effort to collect members' email addresses at head office, with details of what companies we all work for. We already have several hundred addresses from the Freelance Directory - but not detailed information on who's working for what so we can put people in touch with each other. Rather than waiting for us to contact you, go to http://www.gn.apc.org/media/linkup.php to fill in the form.


This Branch resolves to help establish an electronic mail discussion forum for photo-grapers, in co-operation with an initiative to set up a UK version of the US Editorial Photo list (described last issue); and to employ a portion of the Branch funds already voted to the encouragement of trade union organisation through electronic communication to this end. This activity will act as a pilot project for the wider aims of encouraging communication among union members, especially freelances, and the establishment of freelance networks in client companies and/or specialist areas.

Sep/Oct 1999
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