A first report of the event is here; and see NUJ newsroom's report.

Videos of the conference sessions and advice from each session in more detail follow shortly.

New Ways to Make Journalism Pay 2012

New Ways logoTHE NUJ London Freelance Branch is hosting a one-day conference in central London on Saturday 17 November, designed to help freelances broaden what they're offering, find new markets, enhance their skills and become more profitable.

The event is fully-booked.

If you've already booked, this is a reminder that the event is at the London Welsh Centre, 157-163 Gray's Inn Road London WC1X 8UE - map here - nearest Tube King's Cross.

Buses passing the venue: 17, 45, 46. Tubes in central London on the day: Circle line closed (but Metropolitan serving nearby stations); District closed between Olympia and Edgeware Road; Hammersmith & City closed between Royal Oak and Baker Street; Northern closed between High Barnet or Edgeware and Euston and Charing Cross - updates at www.tfl.gov.uk.

If you've not already booked, contact the the Freelance Office to find out whether there are "returns" available.

"New Ways to Make Journalism Pay II" - subtitled A Freelance Lifeboat In The Perfect Storm - builds on the success of the 2010 conference of the same name. It will give NUJ members and non-members invaluable insights from leading writers, photographers and commissioners about the way today's media have evolved, the new opportunities that have developed, and the techniques and tools that can be used to their advantage (despite it all!). See the conference announcement and more about the speakers.

Follow the event on twitter using the tag #NUJ_LFBConf2012

The speakers

We have a powerful line-up of speakers.

For instance, one of our newly confirmed speakers, Birmingham-based digital content editor/brand journalist Fiona Cullinan (see fionacullinan.com, in 2009 decided to go "100 per cent digital" in her work after 20 years freelancing in print of one sort or another. She explains: "I hated the fact that, with the credit crunch and the collapse of advertising budgets, I was suddenly competing with friends for shifts. It was cut-throat and upsetting. Online was where all the action was - and budgets were shifting. So I set up two blogs: one on holiday packing guides and one on sub-editing and taught myself the new digital ropes."

Likewise Max Glaskin, freelance writer on cycling, airships, walnuts, brain surgery and more: see homepage.ntlworld.com/max.glaskin/ and the Freelance Directory. His conference topic is "Finding The Client Who Didn't Know They Were Looking For You" because he's been doing just that for 25 years.

Update: In the first session, eminent media pundit Peter Kirwan (for the Guardian, Press Gazette and Wired) has replaced eminent media pundit Steve Hewlett. Also in the first session, Arjum Wajid (broadcast journalist and freelance media ethics trainer) replaces Sheryl Garratt who suddenly had to be in New York for an interview on the 17 while Arjum, originally listed in this slot, discovered at the same time that she wouldn't be in Pakistan after all so she's back again. Such is freelancing.

Likewise in the third session, Hina Pandya (freelance writer, print/online/blogger, ebooks) will speak on "making it in a recession and a media crisis from a standing start" because she's pulled off that considerable feat shared by original speaker Imran Jina.

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