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George Viner Memorial Fund Trust

Sponsoring Black Students in the Media

In September 2002 the George Viner Trust opened its own website: www.georgeviner.org.uk.

This includes online application forms for this award and also for the Felix Dearden prize.

How many black faces are to be seen in newsrooms, or at NUJ branch meetings? Not many? None? But Black people form a significant proportion of our population. In some inner city areas they are a majority.

The George Viner Memorial Fund Trust was established by the NUJ for the sponsorship of Black journalism students on industry-recognised, pre-entry courses.

The Trust remains the only fund specifically designed to assist Black entrants to accredited training courses. Over the past ten years it has helped dozens of Black, Asian and Chinese students break into journalism and broadcasting.

Candidates for sponsorship must:

  • Have been offered a place on an industry-recognised course; and
  • Be unable to take up that place by reason of finances, having failed to get a LEA grant or secure employer or other sponsorship.

A person may, of course, apply provisionally for sponsorship in advance of knowing the outcome of a grant application, so as not to risk losing a college place.

If you believe that you meet the above criteria, please contact us for an application form.

The George Viner Memorial Fund Trust is maintained by voluntary contributions and its main source of revenue is from an annual allocation of a percentage of NUJ members' contributions.

How you can help.

Help us expand the work of the Trust for a fairer media and a better one.


Sponsors: Diane Abbott MP, John Cole, Baroness Brenda Dean, Greg Dyke, Michael Grade, Lord Clive Hollick, John Humphrys, Clive Jones, Jon Snow, Clive Lloyd, Bill Morris, Keith Vaz MP

Trustees: Beulah Ainley, Jim Boumelha, John Foster, Lionel Morrison, Carole Plaster

Charity No. 328142