In May 2001 the Creators' Copyright Coalition dissolved itself into the Creators' Rights Alliance. These pages are now archived.

The Creators' Copyright Coalition was formed on 20 March 1995 in response to several UK publishers' assault on freelances' rights in their work.

What are they? See the absolute minimum guide to the basics of copyright.

Please see the Copyright and Authors' Rights pages for background on the issues the CCC is dealing with; and a chronology of events in the struggle.

Its DRAFT statement of purpose reads:

The Creators' Copyright Coalition exists to co-ordinate the work of organisations representing creators of copyright material of all kinds in defending their members' interests.

The CCC seeks to pursue these general goals:

  1. Immediately, all contracts for use of creators' work should always specify exactly what rights are being obtained for what price and for what period. In the absence of an explicit contract for a piece of work the industry standard of First British Serial Rights only should apply. Contracts claiming all rights are unacceptable and will be opposed by any means available.
  2. The imposition of onerous contracts on freelances by publishers is an abuse of economic power and the CCC aims to co-ordinate resistance to it.
  3. In the medium term, current UK copyright law is unsatisfactory and the CCC's goal is to secure inalienable authors' rights, including moral rights, for all members whether staff or freelance. This will bring members' rights in line with those enjoyed in mainland Europe.
  4. In an age of new global media, global agreement on authors' rights will be essential. There is a danger of this agreement being dictated by big business. It must, instead, operate in the interests of the peoples of the world. It must promote diversity of information and cultural expression, not monopoly.

Member organisations include:

Please submit updates and corrections to the page designer. UK organisations representing creators of any kind which are interested in joining should for the moment contact the NUJ to be notified of activities.

If you want information from any of these organisations, you can always write them a letter on paper!

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