Wakefield dispute settled

Thanks to everyone who sent messages and money to the Wakefield-based Yorkshire Weekly Newspaper Group journalists who voted to strike over low pay. That dispute has now been resolved.

The firm's original offer was a £300 per annum rise for everyone. After protracted negotiations, an 85 percent strike vote, and the threat of action the total package is now:

  • a rise of £1,200 equal to 11.98 per cent for trainees, and a promise of at least six percent for juniors next year;
  • a rise of 2.5 percent - at least £385 - on all the senior bandings;
  • an extra banding for seniors so the ten year rate is now paid after seven years, the 15 year rate is paid after ten years, and there is a new 15 year rate - that means rises of around three percent and over £500pa for the longest serving senior journalists;
  • a 50p rise in all meal allowances with a promise of 50p more next year;
  • a one-off payment of £200 to photographers to cover wear and tear on cars;
  • a promise to lobby management in Edinburgh for an increase in the mileage rate across the group.

The graduate starting rate is now £11,760, the newly qualified senior rate is £15,685, and the basic rate for a senior with 15 years service is £17,591. Congratulations to: juliekmarshall@blueyonder.co.uk

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