Support Spalding Guardian strikers

Notes from a picket

I've not long back been back from the picket today. First time I've done a whole day and the feet, legs and back are really aching!

It chucked it down with rain from lunchtime as well :(

None of that had any effect on the spirit of the strikers though, far from it, if anything it has strengthened. Today we started a petition and the support from the public was overwhelming, we have sheets of signatures including Geoff Capes and the leader of Lincolnshire County Council (a Tory!).

Also we put a lot of effort into getting drivers passing by to sound their horns in support as we know that is going to really annoy the people working in the office trying to get the paper out. Yesterday the local fireman drove past three times with sirens and horns blaring which was wonderful.

The MD has visited the picket for the past two days and reading between the lines and judging from the body language we think they are beginning to crack. The strikers go back to work tomorrow (Thurs) for two days after completing the first of the two planned five day strikes. Hopefully there will be a resumption of talks but nothing is definite yet.

After that if there is no settlement there will be another five day strike from Sat to the following Wed just as the first strike. Then back to work for the Thurs and Friday.

Thanks for your support last Saturday, it really does give everyone a huge boost to know you are behind them and it was great to meet you.

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