Police maim photographer

This is the letter of protest sent by the Swiss Federation of Journalists to the Minister for Police on 3 June.

Miss Micheline Spoerri,
Minister for Justice, Police and Security
Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 14
1211 Genève 3

Madame State Counsellor to the President,

We have been informed by the NUJ - the English union which is our fellow-member of the European Federation of Journalists - that one of their members, Mr Guy Smallman, a freelance photojournalist, was severely injured during the events that unfolded in Geneva around the G8 Summit.

According to the information we have Mr Smallman was injured - while working as a journalist covering the demonstrations - by a concussion grenade fired by German police [working for?] the Swiss police.

This journalist is currently being treated in the Geneva Cantonal Hospital.

The Swiss Federation of Journalists (FSJ) expresses its deep concern over these events which, if they were as described, constitute a significant attack on the freedom of the press and on journalists' working conditions.

The FSJ therefore asks/demands that your Department speedily shed all necessary light on these regrettable events and that it clearly define all who were responsible for the acts that led to Mr Smallman's injuries.

We recall in this context that international law guaranees journalists the right to refuse to give evidence [implied: to an investigating magistrate], and to protect their sources - as does Swiss law; in particular Art. 27bis of the Swiss Legal Code.

Awaiting the results of your inquiry, we beg you to agree, Madame State Counsellor to the President, the expression of our distinctive sentiments - *

* Untranslateable: German version signed "With our best thanks and friendly greetings"

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