Indymedia puzzle

MYSTERY still surrounds the seizure of two web server computers from the online information site Indymedia - see the November Freelance. The Home Office stalled responding to a series of questions in Parliament by Lynne Jones MP - and then on 8 December stated that "no UK law enforcement agencies were involved in this action." Back on 8 November Home Secretary David Blunkett told Richard Allan that his department was not notified in advance.

The general implication is that the company hosting the computers had responded to a US warrant without legal force in the UK. A cynic might say, though, that the UK government responses do not entirely rule out involvement by UK agencies other than "law enforcement".

Attention thus shifts to Texas, where the secret US court order was filed. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a court brief with Indymedia, demanding thatthe order be unsealed - noting that Italy, where the request originated, does not appear to believe that secrecy is necessary.

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