Freelances reject subs move

FREELANCE members have overwhelmingly rejected the idea that their entitlement to reduced-rate subscriptions should be based on their gross turnover, rather than their profit.  More than 20 members took the time to respond the article in the last Freelance asking for views as part of a consultation being undertaken by the NUJ's finance committee, which formally advises the National Executive.

By contrast, there was no opposition to the idea of adopting a flat-rate loss of earnings allowance for Annual Delegate Meeting based on three days' lost pay. The West of Scotland Freelance Branch went so far as to pass a motion supporting this idea.

Members' reasons for opposing the change in the way subs are calculated ranged from the high capital costs involved in photography to pointing out that their income varied significantly over time and they therefore relied on cut rate subs to get through the hard times.

The union's Finance Committee and the National Executive will now decide whether to proceed with either of these proposals.  I will be using the case studies sent to me by members to make the case before both bodies for leaving subs calculations as they are.

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