More cash for copies

THE AUTHORS' Licencing and Collecting Society annual meeting heard that writers will receive an extra seven-figure sum for photocopying. Thanks for this deal are due to Carol Lee, former NUJ copyright consultant - and to Freelance readers who responded to her request here for information about what rights they keep and in which journals.

Carol has been advising ALCS on a project to get a better deal on the photocopying payments collected from commercial libraries, PR offices and the like through the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency). She asked both writers and photographers to respond, in confidence, with information on rights. She says: "this information was crucial, enabling us to gauge the amount of freelance content in certain publications. I'm always grateful that freelances will take time out of busy lives to respond to requests like this.

"And as usual with copyright," she goes on, "a few people sticking together and sharing some information gives us a strong chance of fending off the never-ending outrage of rights-grabs. Publishers have listened to corporate lawyers saying 'grab everything to cover yourself' for far too long. They need to be made aware, again and again, what is at stake for the creator."

NUJ members who are writers can register as associate members of ALCS for free: see

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