Fresh Fees Guide

ONE of the most useful things that the NUJ offers members who are freelance is the Freelance Fees Guide. And we have grand plans for improving it.

LFB members Mike Holderness and Andrew Wiard won the tender progressively to revise the content. To help themselves (and you) they've set up a brand-new online bulletin board system for all NUJ members to discuss fees, the Fees Guide... and probably quite a lot else. Please visit and register. Post your feedback on the bulletin board itself.

Mostly, though, tell us what you think could be improved about the Fees Guide itself. What recommended rates are wildly wrong? What advice could be clearer? What advice is missing? Mike is already girding his loins and brewing Espresso to do a brand-new section on the pros and cons of VAT registration, for example. Now the Guide is online, there are no serious limits on how much we can add.

The Fees Guide itself will soon be redesigned. One of our goals is to make sure that it works perfectly on small screens. You don't have to be Nathan Barley off the telly to pick up a call from an editor in your deckchair and check the recommended rate online while you're talking to them. You'll just have to have his mobile.

How it develops is up to you. If it turns out that members who are crossword compilers find it a useful place to discuss their clues as well as their charges, we'll definitely consider adding a sub-forum for that.

Among the features that we're already building behind the scenes are special sub-forums where editors and picture desks can post appeals for freelances to fill in at short notice. Obviously we won't be launching that until a significant number of members are using the forums. So please do.

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