City Life in the balance

Staff at City Life magazine, Manchester fear redundancy and as the Freelance went to press were planing to resist it. Guardian Media Group bought the magazine when it was functioning as a worker's co-operative. Writers - still on £16,000 - recently fought for and won union recognition. See updates here and send your support by email to rachelbroady@yahoo.co.uk - Mother of Chapel at the Manchester Evening News.

How you can help now

  • Please email protests to the chief executive of Guardian Media Regional at mark.dodson@men-news.co.uk - and ask this apparantly liberal company to make every effort to save the magazine and the jobs of its workers.
  • Point out that as much of Manchester's economy is based on the leisure industry it takes particularly bad management to ruin the city's premier listings and entertainment magazine. It is unfair for the journalists to bear the consequences of this failure.
  • If you read the Guardian or any of GMG's other products please point out that you expect this company, in particular, to treat its staff and readers with respect.
  • Please act quickly.
  • Please copy any protests and send messages of support to to nujmanchester@nuj.org.uk
  • Please pass this message on to anyone else who will be interested.
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