Make your freelancing concerns a union matter

What, then, is to be done?

YOU and your concerns come firmly centre stage at the next London Freelance branch meeting on Monday 13 February.

Come along to let the union know how you would like to see your freelance life improved - and join in working out how to bring that about. Or, in the words of Vladimir Ivanovich Lenin, "What, then, is to be done?"

You'll be asked to write down each and every one of your concerns on a separate sticky notelet so as to create a wall of aspirations. These could range from trying to get a particular editor to pay on time through to persuading the European Union to adopt freelance-friendly copyright (or authors' rights) laws.

This wall of wishes will tell us what questions most concern the meeting, and we will set up discussion groups to concentrate on these. You'll be asked to take part in one of these to begin to sort out how these concerns hang together - and how you, and the union, might address them. You may find help and advice is on hand immediately. You may feel encouraged to take some specific and personal action. Or you may find that others want to join you in launching a longer-term campaign.

As a result of one early suggestion, for example, the branch is already looking at how it might set up a system to collect information about press days, feature meeting schedules and lead times to help you plan the perfect moment to pitch an idea.

Raise any topic , or rather write it on a sticky notelet, and there's every chance you'll find something can be done about it. So come along, take part and see what happens.

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