Photo matters

SHOULD reporters take pictures? For 30 years the NUJ has had a code of practice which says firmly "no". This year's Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) debated a review, in the light of new technology: the motion fell. A reporter from Edinburgh Freelance Branch said that reporters who go along to take a picture for an interview "prove they are crap at taking pictures, [including] pictures without heads." He said he would only consider photography if he was given sufficient "training and reimbursement." Dublin Freelance branch delegates said the argument that the technology has changed was exactly the sort of argument that management uses to drive down rates.

In his report to ADM, Freelance Organiser John Toner said, "This has been the year of photographers. Setting up a Photography Subcommittee has been a very positive development... It's difficult to know where to start, as there are so many issues facing photographers." He added that "We are involved in talks with Adobe - working with them to put photographers in their directory," and the NUJ was "working with Skillset on training for photographers setting up as a business". The new Freelance Fees Guide now has a separate section for photographers.

  • The BAPLA Credit Where Credit is Due awards for picture editors will be given out on 10/11 May - see - do let the Freelance know if you go.
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