The Gong is on holiday

AS WE GO to press, no submissions have come in for The Gong - our wake-up call to late payers. Possible explanations include: freelances are so used to late payments that they don' bother reporting them, or the Freelance Office have been so good at hounding late payers, that all clients are now so terrified they always cough up on time. Or the temp agency staff running the accounts departments in the holidays are much more efficient than the regular deliberate late payers.

A gong

A gong, earlier

There's a variety of websites to help you wring money out of late payers. The Department of Trade and Industry-sponsored has a guide to legislation, sample terms and conditions for your invoices and the Excuses, Excuses page, which concisely demolishes "The cheque is in the post" and other dodges.

Money Claim OnLine ( simplifies the small claims court procedure. Don't forget our Collect-o-matic at and the Freelance Fees Guide late and problem payments page

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