Entering the NUJ Photographers’ Exhibition 2007

The NUJ' Photographers Exhibition 2007, which forms part of the first NUJ Photographers' Conference, will display 100 images, celebrating contemporary editorial photography. And for this year the hundredth anniversary celebration of the union, it will also celebrate the excellence of photography by union members since 1906. Hundreds of fellow photographers will view the exhibition, but in addition it should prove an excellent opportunity to promote your work as it is expected to attract much press attention.

Selections of images will be presented in The Journalist [apparently a trade union publication - eds.], Press Gazette, British Journal of Photography, Digital Photographer Pro and Professional Photographer magazines.

After the conference on Tuesday 27 February 2007, 50 images from the exhibition will be displayed at the NUJ's Annual Delegate Meeting in April and potentially at other events over the year. The intention is to make the exhibition an annual affair.

We also hope the images will be made into a continuous loop display for Headland House and other NUJ buildings, and that the images will form the basis of an exhibition of NUJ members' work that can be used for future events and occasions.

Union branches up and down the land have generously given over £1000 to enable the exhibition to take place, after the Centenary Committee declined any funding at all.

The 100 photos will be chosen by the selection committee made up of the photographer members of the Photographers' Sub-Committee (PSC) of the Freelance Industrial Council - PSC chair Kevin Cooper, vice chair Pete Jenkins and Committee members Stan Gamester and Molly Cooper. The selection committee will not be putting forward any of their own images. Their decision is final.

How to apply

  • Send images to the photoexhibition@nuj.org.uk by email.
  • Up to five images compressed as (med-high) JPEGs 750 pixels along the longest side, 72-150 output dpi.
  • Attach at 100-word CV of the photographer and a statement describing each image/situation etc. (up to 100 words per pic.)
  • All images must be clearly marked in IPTC data fields with name, title of work, NUJ membership number, and any other pertinent details
  • Application deadline 1 January 2007.
  • The selection committee will meet in early January 2007 and all contributors will be informed of their decision by email.

Photographers whose images have been selected will be notified by 21 January 2007 and asked to send copies of selected images in the following format:

  • Minimum dimension of selected image: (16 inches x 12 inches), 50 MB.
  • 4800 x 3600 pixels at 300 dpi.
  • Selected images need to arrive at photoexhibition@nuj.org.uk on CD/DVD in either TIFF or Maximum quality JPEG format by 1 February 2007.
  • Images printed up from successful applications will be retained for future NUJ promotions and exhibitions.
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