Snappers on a plane

IT TOOK almost two months, but after writing to the Home Secretary and the Minister for Transport about photographers' difficulties with rules that consigned their valuable equipment to the mercies of airport baggage-handlers, freelance organiser John Toner has finally had a reply.

Gillian Merron, Minister for Aviation, replied to John's suggestions that photographers producing a Press Card should be exempt from the hand baggage limits imposed on passengers arising from the security alerts.

Ms Merron writes: "I can confirm that as a result of work undertaken by the Department, it is now possible to permit each passenger to carry one item of cabin baggage through the airport security search as long as the item does not exceed a maximum length of 56cm, width of 45cm and depth of 25cm (including wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.)

"I would also like to add that X-rays used for hold baggage screening," Ms Merron continues, "should be in fact film safe (ie should not damage the film in any way.)"

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