Freelance pics gain fame

PHOTOGRAPHERS who want to increase their profile at no cost can do so by contributing their pics to the Freelance. Our website is a "Google-magnet": anything or anyone mentioned on it tends to appear in the first page of results from the famous web search engine.

So we recently had an urgent call from the Independent asking to be put in touch with a photographer whose picture was in the Freelance, resulting in a sale. We credit all pics and photographers retain copyright. And, we now put an email address or, better, a link to the photographer's web site next to the credits. This will in turn drag your website up the Google ranking. (And if you're really naughty we'll make you listen to an explanation of why this works.)

Even the dreadful fuzzy pics with the top of the person's head missing - taken by writers, not mentioning any assistant editors in particular - have a bigger web presence that they deserve, just because they've featured in the Freelance. Stop this happening again: send us your better pics instead!

We are always on the lookout for pics covering specific stories, and stock photos of (unidentifiable) newsrooms, journalists at work, bits of kit, on-screen web pages from interesting angles... If you want to receive our specific appeals for pics, email

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