What the Branch Committee does


  • chair branch and branch committee meetings in accordance with standing orders
  • liaise with committee members as and when necessary
  • act as spokesperson for the branch in dealings with NUJ headquarters and officials, and in any dealings with the media
  • lead the branch delegation at annual delegate meeting · write the annual report.

Vice-chair: stand in for the chair as needed.


  • write and distribute agenda and minutes for branch and committee meetings, book rooms
  • maintain the domestic affairs of the branch in some semblance of order
  • liaise with NUJ headquarters over issues including delegate meetings, elections to union bodies.

Treasurer: look after branch finances including advising on balances, submitting accounts to HQ, scrutinising and paying invoices.

Membership & New members:

  • liaise with the union's membership department over applications
  • present list of applicants at Branch meetings
  • welcome into membership
  • sign forms
  • organise meetings/briefings.

Welfare officer:

  • send out claim forms to full members who have paid their subs for at least one year and are ill
  • sign the claim forms if they come back accompanied by a medical certificate. Each week has to be signed for after it has happened
  • bother the NUJ finance department over payment if necessary
  • assess new claims for assistance.

Editor of the Freelance:

  1. plan mailing dates;
  2. book into printers;
  3. plan copy in conjunction with branch committee, freelance organiser;
  4. commission or write copy;
  5. sub, layout, panic over illustrations;
  6. check pages with representative of committee;
  7. take to printers;
  8. sleep;
  9. repeat.

Assistant Editor of the Freelance: sleuth out better stories, learn the technical ropes, strive to ensure more coverage on developments affecting freelances in and outside London, collaborate with the editor in all their duties (see above), gradually take on responsibility for an increasing proportion of these duties in consultation with the editor.

Training officer: co-ordinate any training the branch organises.

Equality officer: advise branch on promoting equal opportunities for journalists.

Negotiations officer: Support negotiations and help freelance groups to organise.

Chapel liaison officer: Maintain contact with NUJ groups in workplaces and encourage participation by freelance representatives.

Members without portfolio: (5) take on jobs as they arise....

ADM Delegation: (9 places) vote and speak according to mandates where given by Branch, otherwise decide collective position among the delegation.

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