The Gong-Trireme Award

The Gong award is a wake-up call to late payers, and the Trireme Award is for "the worst terms since I was last chained to the oars".

February's joint Gong-Trireme Award goes to Trinty Mirror's Ealing Gazette. Their unpaid invoice for £25 for a picture took the Freelance's Trireme Award in October 2006, and remains unpaid as we go to press, three copies of the invoice and some eight phone calls later.

The freelance who's still waiting for the money says of their Trireme award and their current Gong-Trireme-holder status, "I'd like to thank my lawyer. Is this a record? Will the Freelance consider me for a higher award under the circumstances? I think we should be told."
Trireme and Gong

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