Make money from corporate PR reprints?

THERE'S A chance you may be contacted by the Freelance Office to be told that a company called The Reprint & Licensing Centre (R&L) want you to get in touch with them. This is an organisation that, for a (considerable) fee, provides corporate clients with "impartial third party endorsement of your company".  

These may be product reviews, or stories about their new CEO, and are used at trade shows, for press packs and for other PR purposes. R&L arrange the licensing and permissions to re-use these articles, and their accompanying photos, usually from national newspapers. When the newspapers tell them they don't own the copyright, but that a freelance does, Reprint & Licensing will contact you via the NUJ, another reason to make sure the union has your details up to date.

R&L's Tom Hickman points out that they "have helped to reduce the abuse of... intellectual property which is often commonplace on the internet. We are keen," he expands, "to make our service available to more freelance journalists and photographers... We offer standard industry terms and are keen to find other ways to help ensure freelancers receive fair remuneration for re-use of their work." R&L invite freelances to make contact so the company can pass on to them details of offers to re-use their work. Their site warns clients that while they "will reformat text and photos to suit the layout at your request, however, due to copyright laws we cannot change or delete any text within the article without consent of the author or publisher."

Enquiries from freelances should be addressed to Tom Hickman at the Reprint & Licensing Centre, email Their website is - note the NUJ is not endorsing this service: we would like to hear from you about any dealings with R&L.

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