On yer bike, Maclean!

A BILL to exempt Parliament from the Freedom of Information Act passed its second reading in the House of Commons on 18 May. It was introduced by Tory ex-Whip David Maclean.

A hint of the motivation for the Bill may be offered by the revelation in the Mail on Sunday two days later that Maclean charged a £3300 quad bike as a Parliamentary expence. He told the paper that he uses it to get around his large rural constituency.

As the Freelance went to press no date had been announced for the Maclean Bill's second reading in the House of Lords. Strong resistance is expected there, and the Branch has offered their Lordships help: ideas for very relevant and very very long speeches are welcome.

Meanwhile, 21 June is (or was) the close of the second consultation on the government's plans to hobble the Act itself. See the latest we have at www.londonfreelance.org/foi

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