Money for free!

A MEMBER writes: "Just back from short hol - to find the coffers replenished thanks to almost no effort from me at all." So how did that happen, then?

"I'm particularly wreathed in smiles," the member continues, ""having hit a new all-time best for magazine articles (and a little bit of book stuff) from ALCS - namely £1250 - all for 15 minutes a month keeping my records up to date."

The money comes from fees paid by libraries to cover users' photocopying and it's distributed by the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society. Writers should visit for details on how to sign up and register their work.

The equivalent organisation for photographers and illustrators is the Design and Artists Copyright Society - - and you should do it. "I'm sure you could do it quicker," the member concludes, "and get more." Let us know.

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