Tarik Ramadan writes:

This is an extract from an email from Tarik Ramadan, the "fixer" who worked with LFB member Gary Trotter in Northern Iraq, who was imprisoned without charge for 32 months by Kurdish security forces, and was finally released after Gary's concerted campaign.

Tarik Ramadan © Tarik Ramadan
Tarik Ramadan at home, at last (with Freelance)

I and my family cannot control our feelings when we speak about Gary (Trotter), Anthony (Husher, Gary' colleague), Ms Ann Clwyd MP, the faithful friends in (security company) Erinys Co, the Freelance, EPUK, the NUJ, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, with my love and full respects to the others which I didn't refer to them (by) name, I would like to say: Thanks are not enough to Gary/Anthony/Ms Ann.

Thanks are not enough to all the brave people who supported Gary. Thanks are not enough to all the unknown soldiers who fighting to stop the bloodshed in the world, Thanks again to all merciful hands (known and unknown) which had been extended to pick me up from a dark, endlessly deep well which I was imprisoned in for 1000 days. Thanks to all who brought the charm and smiles back to me and my family.

I feel so happy with my family & they feel so with me, I feel so happy with my books, I'm spending most of times at home reading or (on the) internet, I don't leave home, just for necessity because here in Iraq nobody knows when and where and why they will be a victim for a blind land mine or car bomb or suicide bomb, or a random shooting.

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