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THE ADVICE that appears in the Freelance is only as good and as up-to-date as the intelligence we get from our readers. From time to time we appeal to our readers for help or information on freelance-relevant stuff. Sometimes we get feedback, and sometimes we don't. So here, especially for relatively new readers, is a round-up of our appeals for stuff you can help us with (and therefore each other as well).

Recording phone calls: what's the best solution for recording phone calls on landlines, mobiles, Skype, etc? See here for our appeal for information from June 2010. And see responses from Freelance readers here.

US visas: what's the latest on what kind of visa journalists need for what kind of gig? Is our information of early Spring correct? www.londonfreelance.org/fl/0804visa.html

Paypal: advice and experiences on pros and cons of international transactions by Paypal, etc, please. The online article has a high "google ranking", so lots of people are linking to it. But is it accurate? See www.londonfreelance.org/fl/0712payl.html

Nebulous blog-commissioning practices by the Guardian and others. Thanks to Francis Sedgemore for demystifying this: see www.londonfreelance.org/fl/0711blog.html - can other bloggers please update us?

While we're not able to pay for pics, the Freelance site is a Google-magnet which will get you plenty of exposure: we have been contacted by national newspapers wanting details of the copyright holders of photos in the Freelance. We need photos of: LFB meetings; the press pack at work; the policing of journalists; the offices of media groups and the headquarters of the big players in media; any way you can find of illustrating very abstract concepts like copyright; newsrooms etc where people aren't identifiable.

More reports from other-than-London, please! Living in London needn't stop you.

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