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Learning advisors sought

FREELANCE learning advisors (also known as learning reps for state funding purposes)  can help freelances pinpoint areas where they might benefit from help and can offer advice about courses and other sources of guidance, says the NUJ Training Department, which is looking to recruit more freelance volunteers as learning folk.

A conference ealier this year set up a joint project to "build a multi-union strategy to meet the shared freelance training needs" of a grouping of four unions within the Federation of Entertainment Unions, the broadcasting union BECTU, the actors' union Equity, the Musicians' Union and the NUJ.

One product of this co-operation has been a handbook - see

Step up please...

Could you be a freelance learning rep or "learning advisor"? For some time there have been workplace-based "union learning reps" among staff journalists. These were vital in tipping off NUJ Training that early InDesign adopters the Telegraph and the Guardian were getting ready to switch from Quark XPress, so that NUJ Training was ready to offer InDesign courses to members before InDesign became the industry standard. Currently a third of people on NUJ courses are freelances.

Now the NUJ is recruiting learning advisors among freelances. The title "learning advisor" seems to have emerged as a more popular description of the freelance version of this post.

The NUJ has some (limited) funds available for loss of earnings for freelances who work as learning advisors.

Three LFB members have already signed up as learning advisors. But we need more learning advisors to work in the freelance sector.

The NUJ will put learning advisors through a one-day orientation to familiarise them with the software for a course which they can continue through online study.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance learning advisor, contact NUJ Training Manager Linda King, email or freelance learning advisor Miranda Gavin, email - both with NUJ Training.

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