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The Gong - River Publishing

This month's Gong, a wake-up call to late payers, goes to River Publishing, who, as one freelance reports, "now take routinely up to three months to pay" for day subbing shifts. Freelance Organiser John Toner also reports a significant increase in cases he is having to take to the Small Claims Court on behalf of freelances with outstanding payments from (other) clients

Right of reply

I was a little surprised to see River Publishing getting the Gong for late payment to our freelance writers and editors since no-one had contacted us to establish whether it is in fact correct. Our payment terms are comparable to all other magazine publishers and we make a particular effort to make sure our regular freelances get paid promptly.

Usually when there is an issue with late payment it is because the person submitting the invoice has not done so correctly. Or as in a recent situation where we were in dispute with the person concerned.

The editors write: Pleased to hear it. We're in a bind, because contacting publishers could so easily lead to identifying the member, and our rate reporting services have to be anonymous for obvious reasons.

Right of reply to reply
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