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THIRTY-SEVEN photographers and supporters protested outside the Guardian on the morning of 1 September. Pictures and more reporting follow soon.

Living their values? By the time this reaches you, there will already have been an NUJ demonstration outside the Guardian's offices in King's Cross (above). The 1 September demo was in response to a Guardian News & Media (GNM) announcement that they'll stop paying photographers for re-use of pictures. Contract photographers working with the Guardian are discussing the possibility of balloting for industrial action on this issue. For more on issues facing journalists who work for the Guardian - including a collective grievance submitted to GNM management that was immediately rejected - see here for more details - and London Freelance Branch has set up an email group to enable freelances to share experiences of dealing with Guardian management. You can ask to join by going to

And the protest was duly inserted:

Protest outside the Guardian; photo © Marcus Bensasson
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